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BBB Permeability by Nanoparticles and Changes in Tumor Development

An illustration accompanying an in-depth review article published in ACS Central Science. The article examines how tumorigenesis affects blood-brain barrier (BBB) integrity, and how nanomaterial properties affect uptake and retention in brain tissue, with the goal of creating more patient-specific, predictive treatment approaches.

This illustration demonstrates a progression of changes in the tumor microenvironment of a mouse model in the study. Shown are relative degree of BBB breakdown, large and small nanoparticle permeability across the BBB, and tumor-associated vascularization during early, middle, and late stages of tumor development.

Redox: plant/soil biology and nutrition

Illustration series for Redox Bio-Nutrients, a company that focuses on sustainable plant nutrition.

We helped to establish a brand-specific appearance to explain the basics of plant biology and soil dynamics, and to highlight key mechanistic advantages of Redox plant nutrition products and formulations that boost plant growth, quality, and yield.

Bio-inspired slug slime adhesive patch

An image accompanying an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine depicting how ‘slug slime’ produced by the Dusky slug Arion subfuscus has inspired a synthetic hydrogel tape, that could have numerous future clinical applications, including surgery and wound healing. The biologically-based and bio-compatible material utilizes bridging polymers to allow a stretchable, tough patch to bind easily to wet tissue.

Bridging Bio-nano Science and Cancer Medicine (detail)

Bridging bio–nano science and cancer nanomedicine

This illustration accompanies an article published in ACS Nano. It features many issues at the interface between “bio-nano” science (research into the properties and processes of nanoscale phenomena in biological and biology-inspired structures) and cancer nanomedicine (research into the application of nanoscale materials and nanotechnology for the prevention and treatment of diseases).

The illustration serves as an overview of the key influential forces in nanomaterial engineering, current oncology research—and, to highlight ways to improve the next-generation of nanomedicines—also draws focus to existing controversies, and emerging concepts and opportunities for tumor targeting and clinical impact.

C. elegans reproductive system

An of image created demonstrating the three major components of the C. elegans reproductive system: the somatic gonad, the germ line, and the egg-laying apparatus.