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Bridging Bio-nano Science and Cancer Medicine Bridging Bio-nano Science and Cancer Medicine (detail) Bridging Bio-nano Science and Cancer Medicine (detail) Bridging Bio-nano Science and Cancer Medicine (detail)

Bridging bio–nano science and cancer nanomedicine

This illustration accompanies an article published in ACS Nano. It features many issues at the interface between “bio-nano” science (research into the properties and processes of nanoscale phenomena in biological and biology-inspired structures) and cancer nanomedicine (research into the application of nanoscale materials and nanotechnology for the prevention and treatment of diseases).

The illustration serves as an overview of the key influential forces in nanomaterial engineering, current oncology research—and, to highlight ways to improve the next-generation of nanomedicines—also draws focus to existing controversies, and emerging concepts and opportunities for tumor targeting and clinical impact.


Mattias Björnmalm, PhD, et al. / The University of Melbourne


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